Greater Manchester May Day March and Rally 2014

Monday 5th May 2014
Assemble: 12:00, Bexley Square, Salford
March through Manchester city centre
Closing rally: Cathedral Gardens, Manchester

We are living through the longest period of austerity that working class people have faced in generations. Every time the politicians are asked how much longer it will last the date gets pushed further back. There is no recovery for us.

But workers are fighting back nationally, and at a locally successful disputes have been fought across Greater Manchester which have involved workers and users of services coming together to defend their communities.

In tribute to the late and great Tony Benn and Bob Crow, we need to stand together and demand that the people who make society work are treated properly and with decency.

On May 22nd there will be local and European elections. Politicians will be expecting us to vote for them. We need to make it clear that we need something to vote for – not more cuts but the jobs, homes and services that our communities deserve. We have to demand a better future for our communities. This is the only way we will counter the poisonous influence of the far right parties such as UKIP and the fascist BNP.

Our May Day march and rally this year will demand:

  • No cuts to public services – investment in public services!
  • Job creation!
  • No scapegoating of migrants!
  • A living wage for all!
  • Social housing!
  • Action to tackle climate change!
  • No more fracking!



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