Solidarity with National Association of Probation Officers

Manchester Trades Council stands in solidarity with the National Association of Probation Officers who are taking action on 31st March and 1st April. They are fighting the latest attempt by the Tory-Liberal coalition to privatise the justice system and hand over the vital work that probation officers do to incompetent outsourcing companies such as G4S.

Trade Unionists across the public sector have faced waves of oursourcing and privatisation over many years and it has always led to an inferior service, attacks on staff working conditions and a higher cost to the taxpayer.

As a NAPO member from Manchester states:

“I am passionate about fighting for the Probation Service to be part of a ‘not for profit’ criminal justice system. I believe Justice must be held within the public sector. I’m angry that a Probation Service that I feel proud to be part of is being pulled apart purely for private companies to make a profit.”

We are proud to stand with NAPO in their opposition to the privatisation of the justice system and we urge all trade unionists to support their demonstration in Crown Square at 1.00pm on 1st April.

Alex Davidson
Secretary, Manchester Trades Union Council

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