Bob Crow

Manchester Trades Union Council notes with sadness the untimely death of RMT general secretary Bob Crow. His time in office saw his union win many key battles and his death is a loss to the trade union movement. Our thoughts today are with his family and all RMT members.

MTUC President Annette Wright said: “Bob Crow was a working class trade union leader who was an inspiration to me.  He provided leadership to his members through his personality, his knowledge of his industry and his understanding of the balance of forces between his members and their employers. His death is a huge loss to the union movement and our task now is to follow his example and fight for the type of gains he was able to achieve with RMT members.”

MTUC Secretary Alex Davidson said: “All trade unionists will be deeply saddened to learn of the untimely death of Bob Crow.  At a time when the trade union movement seemed to be on the retreat everywhere he provided inspiration to many of us looking to organise a fight-back against unremittingly hostile employers. Whilst his death is one which every trade unionist will mourn, the test of every union leader is whether their legacy survives them and Bob Crow’s certainly will live on with every trade unionist inspired by his example.”

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