Monthly Archives: February 2014

MTUC condemns violent suppression of dissent at Barton Moss, calls for immediate release of detained protestors

As the trade union body representing over 50 affiliated branches Manchester Trades Council unreservedly condemns the issuing of an eviction notice to the Barton Moss protest camp in Salford.  This is a blatant attempt by a powerful landowner to clamp down on dissent which has been getting in the way of their prioritisation of profits over legitimate environmental concerns.

We also condemn the utterly disproportionate and heavy handed police tactics that have been deployed against peaceful protestors.

We call for the immediate release of the two protestors currently detained in Strangeways and believe that it is a very worrying precedent when people exercising their democratic right to peaceful protest are treated as dangerous criminals by the police and judiciary.

We will be writing to Tony Lloyd the Police and Crime Commissioner asking for a full explanation of the policing tactics that have been used against the Barton Moss camp. We stand in solidarity with all those exercising their democratic right to protest and appeal to all Manchester trade unionists to do the same. We also urge all affiliated branches to attend the next solidarity demonstration at midday on March 9th in Piccadilly Gardens.