Manchester May Day Festival 2019

Sunday May 5th

Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess Street, Manchester M1 6DD

11:00 May Day March
Assemble All Saints Park

12:00 May Day Rally
Main Hall, Mechanics Institute
Len McCluskey, General Secretary, Unite the Union
Clara Paillard, President, PCS Culture Group
Plus speakers from the RMT, FBU and Climate Strikes

An afternoon of panel discussions, workshops and events around four themes of organising, empowering ourselves, transforming society and building a better world.

Mary Quaile Room (3rd floor)
13.00-14:00 Trade Union Rights and Facility Time
Expert insights on core workplace union issues from Bernie Wentworth, Partner at Thompsons Solicitors.

14.15-15:15 Young Members: The Future is Now
UNISON North West-hosted session focused on engaging and recruiting young members. Includes myth-busting around young members, a focus on where there have been successes recruiting young members, and a guide to what branches can use to engage with young people when recruiting and organising.

15.30-16:30 Winning for Our Class
Panel discussion with representatives from Hillsborough Justice, Shrewsbury 24, Orgreave Truth and Justice, Blacklist Support Group and Anti-Fracking campaigns.

Peterloo Room (3rd floor)
13.00-14:00 Approaches to Organising: Structural Power, Solidarity, Partnership, and Precarious Workers
Speakers: Ian Allinson, Manchester TUC; Gareth Lane, BFAWU; Claudia Turbet-Delof, migrant activist organising low-paid workers with the United Voices of the World (UVW) union.

14.15-15:15 Strategic Sectors and Community Solidarity
Speakers: Rebecca Garelli, leader of Arizona teachers’ strike; Dawn Taylor, NEU; Michelle Wright, Unite.

15.30-16:30 Organising Skills
Improve your skills for workplace and community organising. Facilitators: Kat Wright, Acorn community organiser; Michelle Wright, Unite.

Main Hall (2nd floor)
13.00-14:00 The Nature of Workplace Racism and How We Can Fight It
Panel discussion with Dr Stephen Ashe, Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity, and Amira Taha, UNISON National Black Members Coordinating Committee and Salford UNISON Black Members Officer.

14.15-15:15 Protecting Our World
Panel discussion on the environment, climate change, anti-fracking and Million Climate jobs, among many relevant and pressing subjects. Chaired by Clara Paillard with speakers from the youth strike for climate and Tina Rothery, campaigner against fracking at Preston New Road.

15.30-16:30 International rally
Social progress and workers under attack in Latin America: Venezuela and Colombia. With Dr Francisco Dominguez (Venezuela Solidarity Campaign), Nick MacWilliam (Justice for Colombia) and Tracy Delaney (UNISON North West).

John Tocher Room (3rd floor)
13.00-14:00 The People’s Assembly Presents ‘Broken Britain’
Join the People’s Assembly to watch a series of short films on Broken Britain from the wonderful Take Back Theatre. Rebekah Harrison from Take Back Theatre will be with us to tell us more. The Tories are in Manchester once again this October for their annual conference. We need to make them feel very unwelcome in our great city! Come and join the discussion on how we can mobilise against them.

14.15-15:15 Fighting Against War
In a short, sharp anti-war Q&A session, CND, Stop the War and Labour Party panellists will discuss defence diversification, the implications of the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty and the importance of electing a government led by an anti-imperialist prime minister. Speakers: Andrew Gibson, GM CND; Jenny Clegg, GM STW and CND International Advisory Board; Sarah Cundy, Young Labour.

15.30-16:30 Education for Everyone
How will a National Education Service better serve the needs of our children and schools and lead to genuine opportunity for all? Hosted by NEU.

Stalls in the Alcove Room (3rd floor) and the Main Hall


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